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Columbiana County Court of Appeals, 7th District Opinions/Cases (through 2008)

Ohio Appellate Briefs and Ohio Brief All-Online Westlaw

Ohio Appellate Reports- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Law Abstract- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Official Reports-Ohio Appellate Reports 2nd and 3rd- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Official Reports-Ohio Misc. and Ohio Misc 2nd- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Official Reports-Ohio State Reports - Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Official Reports-Ohio State Reports 2nd and 3rd- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Opinions Annotated

Ohio Opinions 2nd and 3rd

Ohio State Bar Association Reports (OBAR)

Ohio Supreme Court Briefs-Online Westlaw

Supreme Court Year in Review 10-093 Ohio Cle

Supreme Ct. of Ohio/Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline Opinions


Anderson’s Annotated Rules Governing the Courts of Ohio (2008-09)-West

Anderson’s Ohio Liquor Laws and Rule Annotated-Lexis Nexis

Laws of Ohio

Ohio Administrative Code-West- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Legislative History- Online Westlaw

Ohio Legislative Service- Online Westlaw

Ohio Revised Code-Baldwin’s-West- Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Revised Code-Page’s-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Rules of Court (Federal, State, Local) (2009)-West- Print/Online Westlaw

Opinions of the Attorney General (1917-2003) Print- to present online

Opinions of the Attorney General (to present) Online Westlaw


ALM Verdict Search Ohio Jury Verdicts & Settlements-Online Westlaw

Ohio Jury Instructions Print-Ohio Judicial Conference-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Jury Instructions and Filings - Online Westlaw

Ohio Jury Verdicts- Online Westlaw

The Ohio Trial Reporter

West’s Jury Verdicts-Online Westlaw



Ohio Agricultural Law Symposium-10-220 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio (2009)-Lexis Nexis

Appellate Practice-Ohio Cle 09-202

Baldwins’s Ohio Appellate Practice (2009-2010)-West-Print/Online Westlaw


Uniform Principal and Income Act-03-08 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Ohio Annotated Bankruptcy Handbook (2010)-Lexis Nexis

Bankruptcy Fundamentals-09-066 Ohio Cle

Bankruptcy Update: The New Code-05-066 Ohio Cle

Bankruptcy Practitioner-Online Westlaw

Consumer and Small Business Bankruptcy-07-066 Ohio Cle

Consumer Law Institute-09-053

Consumer Law Institute-10-053

Debt Collection-07-115 Ohio Cle

Debt Collection-10-115 Ohio Cle

Ohio Creditors’ Rights Manual (2007-2008 supplement) -Lexis Nexis

Ohio Creditors’ Remedies and Collection Law- Professional Education Systems, Inc.

The New Bankruptcy Code…one year later-06-066 Ohio Cle

Understanding Financial Statements & Tax Returns in Bankruptcy-08-146 Ohio Cle


12TH Annual Consumer Law Seminar-07-053 Ohio Cle

40TH Annual Antitrust Institute Consumer Protection Law-06-110 Ohio Cle

Advising Corporate Directors and Officers-09-016 Ohio Cle

Advising the Business Client on Intellectual Property-05-126

Advising the Small Business Client-07-004 Ohio Cle

Asbestos and Silica Legislation Update-04-123 Ohio Cle

Blackford Business Organizations-Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Business Litigation During Economic Distress-09-133 Ohio Cle

Business Organizations-02-69 Ohio Cle

Choice of Entity and Tax Reduction Strategies-10-20-Ohio Cle

Commercial Leases-09-193 Ohio Cle

Corporate Counsel Institute-08-067 Ohio CLE

Corporate Counsel Institute-10-067 Ohio CLE

Cutting Edge Corporation Law-08-222 Ohio Cle

Executive Compenstation-08-190 Ohio Cle

Financial Statements Workshop-09-146 Ohio Cle

Franchising in Ohio: Obligation and Litigation Risk-08-218 Ohio Cle

Great Lakes Antitrust Institute-10-110 Ohio Cle

Hot Topics in Business Litigation in 2010-10-133 Ohio Cle

House Bill 301: Modernization and Streamlining of Ohio’s Business Entity and

Securities Laws-06-161 Ohio Cle

How to Get Your Client 10-100 Times Earnings for Their Business-07-184 Ohio Cle

How to Understand and Analyze Financial Statements-08-055 Ohio Cle

How to Understand and Analyze Financial Statements-10-146 Ohio Cle

Intellectual Property-07-126 Ohio Cle

Litigating the Trade Secret and Non-Compete-10-134 Ohio Cle

Mergers and Acquisitons-09-192 Ohio Cle

Non-Profit Organizations: State and Federal Perspectives-09-008 Ohio Cle

Ohio Annotated Business Entities Handbook (2009) Anderson’s Lexis-Nexis

Ohio Business Entities 2nd Edition- Lexis Nexis

Ohio Consumer Law (2009) Baldwin’s Ohio Handbook Series-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Corporation Law Handbook (2010) - Lexis Nexis

Ohio Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice- Data Trace

Ohio Secured Transaction Rev. Article 9 of UCC-Data Trace

Patent Litigaton-09-250 Ohio Cle

Representing Non-Profits-05-08 Ohio Cle

Selected Topics on Business Acquisitions-08-192 Ohio Cle

Speed Kills-The Use of Injunctions in Commercial Disputes-07-134

The Commercial Document Series-04-38 Ohio Cle

The Intersection of Immigration and Criminal Law/Hot topics in Business Immigration-06-038/155 Ohio Cle

The Valentine Act-08-300 Ohio Cle

Think Again! Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law-08-195 Ohio Cle

UCC Article 2-08-208 Ohio Cle

UCC Article 2-09-208 Ohio Cle

Using Litigation to Protect Your Client’s Trade Secrets-08-134 Ohio Cle


Advanced Skills for Conflict Resolution-09-197 Ohio Cle

Advanced Techniques of Cross-Examination-10-113 Ohio Cle

Anderson’s Ohio Civil Rules Practice with Forms- Lexis Nexis

Anderson’s Ohio Pretrial Litigation Practice Manual (2007)-Lexis Nexis

Anderson’s Wrongful Death in Ohio with Forms-Lexis Nexis

Arbitration Developments-08-219 Ohio Cle

Asbestos and Silica Legislation Update-04-123 Ohio Cle

Attacking Damages: Creative Strategies-10-128 Ohio Cle

Baldwin’s Civil Practice- Print/Online Westlaw

Baldwin’s Tort Law-Tort Reform Legislation Companion (2005)-West

Contract Law for the 21st Century Lawyer-10-229 Ohio Cle

Discovery of Electronic Records-05-06 Ohio Cle

E-Discovery-09-164 Ohio Cle

E-Discovery Update: Changes in Ohio Rules of Civil Proceedure-08-006 Ohio Cle

Effective Legal Negotiation-10-103 Ohio Cle

Everything you need to know to use Ohio’s New Rules of E-Discovery-08-164 Ohio Cle

Key Credibility Attacks for a Killer Deposition-10-109 Ohio Cle

Klein Darling Civil Practice- Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-West

Litigation Basics-09-071 Ohio Cle

Litigation Basics-10-071 Ohio Cle

Making your case with a better memory-09 Ohio Cle-224

Ohio Civil Laws and Rules Handbook (2009-2010)-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Civil Procedure Litigation Manual (2010)-Lexis Nexis

Orthopedics for Lawyers-04-94 Ohio Cle

Personal Injury Practice- Print (2008)- Online Westlaw

Practical Instruction on New Discovery Rule-10-211 Ohio Cle

Representing the Military Client-08-198 Ohio Cle

S281 and SB 120: Medical Malpractice and apportioned liability update-03-02 Ohio Cle

Senate Bill 80: Tort Reform-05-17 Ohio Cle

Take a Killer “Fact” Witness-09-109/080 Ohio Cle

Taking and Defending Effective Depositions-10-035 Ohio Cle

The Art of being a Trial Lawyer-05-400

The Basics of Injuntive Relief in Ohio-06-134 Ohio Cle

Tort Law-Ernst-Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-West

Trial Handbook for Ohio Lawyers (2009)-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Trial Technology Workshop-10-24 Ohio Cle

Trials of the Century II-09-185 Ohio Cle

Trying the Auto Accident Case beyond Fundamentals-01-02 Ohio Cle

Weissenberger’s Ohio Civil Procedure Litigation Manual (2009)- Lexis Nexis

West’s Jury Verdicts (Civil)- Online Westlaw


Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation-04-42 Ohio Cle


Baldwin’s Ohio Construction Law Manual-West-Online Westlaw

Construction Law-04-06 Ohio Cle

Ohio Building Code (OBC)

Ohio Construction Law Forum-08-063 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Ohio Traffic Law Handbook-Lexis Nexis

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing in Ohio. Vol. 1. General Sentencing Proposals. November 1, 1998. A Report of the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission

Beyond Fingerprints: New Frontiers in Criminal Litigation-02-72 Ohio Cle

Criminal Advocacy-08-144 Ohio Cle

Criminal Advocacy-10-144 Ohio Cle

Criminal Defense for the non-specialist-06-144 Ohio Cle

Criminal Defense Motions- Online Westlaw

Criminal Law & Justice- Online Westlaw

Death Penalty Defense-Trials and Appeals-09-23 Ohio Cle

Drug Laws of Ohio-Edited by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy

Forensics for Lawyers-03-71 Ohio Cle

Fraud Conference 2003-03-105 Ohio Cle

Getting Better Resolutions in OVI cases-06-091 Ohio Cle

Handling Domestic Violence Case-08-214 Ohio Cle

Immigration Law-08-038 Ohio Cle

Katz/Giannelli Criminal Justice (2006) –West-Print/Online Westlaw

Katz/Giannelli Criminal Law 2nd Edition(with disk)-Case Western University School of Law-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Obscenity and Child Pornography Case (Current Legal Issues and Trial Considerations)-05-75 Ohio Cle

Ohio Arrest, Search and Seizure (2009) –West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Criminal Law Handbook(for offenses committed prior to July 1,1996)-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Criminal Law Handbook(2003)

Ohio Criminal Law Handbook(2009-2) (with cd) -Lexis Nexis

Ohio Criminal Law Practice and Procedure (2009-2010) Lexis Nexis

Ohio Domestic Violence Law-Baldwin’s (2009-2010)-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law (2008-2009) –West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Felony Sentencing Law (2008) –West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio RICO Litigation-03-19-Ohio Cle

Ohio OVI Update 10-91 Ohio Cle

SB 123: Most of what you know about Traffic Law is about to change-03-93 Ohio Cle

Statutory Charges- Online Westlaw

Terez Ohio Statutory Charges(2009)-West

The BMV Book-Ohio Department of Public Safety-BMV Nov. 2005

The Intersection of Immigration and Criminal Law-06-038/055 Ohio Cle

Traffic Law Update-06-145 Ohio Cle

Trial Handbook for Ohio Lawyers (2009) Baldwin-West-Print/ Online Westlaw


Ohio Municipal, Township and School Board Roster (2004-2005)

Ohio Legal Directory- OSBA

Martindale Hubbell-2010-Print &CD/Online


45th Annual Midwest Labor and Employment Law Seminar-08-88 A & B Ohio Cle

2007 Ohio Workers’ Compensation: a closer look-07-51 Ohio Cle

Advanced Employment Law-09-060 Ohio Cle

Advanced Workers’ Compensation Law-06-59 Ohio Cle

Advanced Workers’ Compensation Law-10-59 Ohio Cle

Anderson’s Ohio Annotated Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook (2009-2010)-Lexis Nexis

Baldwin’s Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law- (2009-2010)-Print/Online-West

Baldwin’s Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law-Laws and Rules Pamphlet (2009-2010)-Print/Online-West

Basic Equal Employment Opportunity Law and Procedures-ABA

Basics of Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law-06-37 Ohio Cle

Better Workers’ Compensation through E-Business-02-112 Ohio Cle

Demystifying Employer Retirement Plans-10-117 Ohio Cle

Drafting the Employee Handbook and Wrongful Discharge-01-68/69 Ohio Cle

EEO Law Conference (2007)-07-047 Ohio Cle

Effective Management of Sexual Harassment Claims-04-35 Ohio Cle

Employment Discrimination Law Update-06-047 Ohio Cle

Employment Law Essentials-07-002 Ohio Cle

Employment Practice- Online Westlaw

ERISA-and other Employee Benefits-08-203 Ohio Cle

ERISA-09-203 Ohio Cle

Equal Employment Opportunity Today-01-97 Ohio Cle

Hot Issues in Employment Law FMLA/Leave and Wage/ Hour-08-047

Labor Arbitration-09-219 Ohio Cle

Midwest Labor and Employment Law A&B 10-88 Ohio Cle

NLRB Region 8 Labor and Employment Law Seminar-10-108 Ohio Cle

NLRB Region 9 Labor and Employment Law Seminar-05-56 Ohio Cle

Ohio Employment Practice Law-(2008-2009 ed.) West

Ohio Worker’s Compensation Law 3rd Ed.(Fulton)-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law Basics-08-37 Ohio Cle

Ohio Public Employee/Collective Bargaining 2nd Ed.

Overview of the Ohio Workers’ Compensation -09-37 Ohio Cle

Pension Overview and Update for Non-Pension Attoneys-05-117 Ohio Cle

PERS-Employers Manual-OPERS

Pitfalls of Hiring and Firing: 10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Employment Liability 05-14 Ohio Cle

Post-Employment Litigation-01-54 Ohio Cle

Sports and Entertainment Law-08-160 Ohio Cle

The Bermuda Triangle of Employment Law: The Deadly Intersection of FMLA, ADA, and Workers Compensation-03-42 Ohio Cle

The Idiosyncrasies of Ohio Employment Law-04-25 Ohio Cle


22nd Annual Ohio Environmental Law Seminar-07-21 A & B Ohio Cle

23rd Annual Ohio Environment, Energy & Resources Law Seminar-08-021 Ohio Cle

24th Annual Ohio Environment, Energy & Resources Law Seminar-09-021 Ohio Cle

Ohio Environmental Cases and Administrative Materials-Online Westlaw

Ohio Environmental Law Administrative Decisions-Online Westlaw

Ohio Environmental Law Cases-Online Westlaw

Ohio EPA Laws and Regulations (2009-2010) - Lexis Nexis


Discipline Problems: How to Avoid Them-06-99 Ohio Cle

Ethics, Professionalism & Substance Abuse-09-092

Ethics Satellite-06-092A and 06-092B Ohio Cle

Faith, Conscience and the Law: Creative tension and conflicting interests-06-087 Ohio Cle

Fall Ethics-09-065 Ohio Cle

Fall Ethics, Professionalism and Substance Abuse-10-065 Ohio Cle

Lawyer’s Guide to the Ohio Code of Professional Responsibility-West

New Lawyer Training-07-100A, 100B, 100C, 110D

Ohio Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions-Online Westlaw

Ohio Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Ethics Opinions-Online Westlaw

The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine-04-71 Ohio Cle

The Lawyer as Lobbyist Working with Ohio’s Government-05-47 Ohio Cle

The New Ohio Rules of Ethics-07-159 Ohio Cle


Giannelli/Snyder Evidence- West-Print/Online Westlaw

Giannelli/Snyder Rules of Evidence (2009)-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Evidence Manual (2008-2009)-Shea-Casemaker

Trial Evidence for Ohio Practitioners-10-127 Ohio Cle

Weissenberger’s Ohio Evidence Case Service (1980-1995)

Weissenberger’s Ohio Evidence Case Service (current case service through June 30, 2004)

Weissenberger’s Ohio Evidence Courtroom Manual (2009)-Lexis Nexis

Weissenberger’s Ohio Evidence Treatise (2009)


A Guardian Ad Litem Toolbox/Domestic Relations Agreements-06-54/138 Ohio Cle

Advanced Collaborative Family Law Practice-08-169 Ohio Cle

Advanced Topics in Family Law-08-111 Ohio Cle

Advanced Topics in Family Law-10-111 Ohio Cle

Amended Substitute House Bill No. 352/ Child Support Reorganization Act

Anderson’s Ohio Family Law Handbook (2009)- Lexis Nexis

Basic Training for Collaborative Family Law Practice-07-168 Ohio Cle

Business Divorce-04-20 Ohio Cle

Child Custody-10-050 Ohio Cle

Child Support Changes under Senate Bill 180-Magistrate Coleen Hall Dailey

Child Support Reorganization Act 2000- Amended Sub. Senate Bill 180

Collaborative Family Law-08-168 Ohio Cle

Collaborative Family Law-10-168 Ohio Cle

Divorce from a Client’s Perspective: Special Multidisciplinary Issues-04-13 Ohio Cle

Domestic Relations- Online Westlaw

Domestic Relations Agreements-04-87 Ohio Cle

Domestic Relations Laws & Rules Annotated Including Family Law (2009-2010)-Anderson’s Ohio Practice

Drafting Age Appropriate Parenting Plans-07-174 Ohio Cle

Family Law Update-05-111 Ohio Cle

Guardian Ad Litem-10-54 Ohio Cle

Introduction to Domestic Relations-10-138 Ohio Cle

Ohio Domestic Relations Practice Manual (2009)-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Family Law (2003) Updated Supplement 2008-Lexis Nexis

Psychology and Ethics in Domestic Relations Practice-05-18 Ohio Cle

Representing Non-Traditional Families-GLBT Clients-08-136 Ohio Cle

The Fine Points of Divorce-06-079 Ohio Cle

Sowald/Morganstern Domestic Relations Law- Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-West/ Online Westlaw

Understanding Financial Statements and Tax Returns in Bankruptcy and Domestic Cases-08-146 Ohio Cle

Understanding QDRO’s Divorce and Tax: A Practical Approach-07-29/30 Ohio Cle


Couse’s Ohio Form Book with cdrom disk- Lexis Nexis

Ohio Forms and Transaction (with CD)(2009-2010) Ed.- West-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Forms of Pleading and Practice (Complete Set)-Print- Matthew Bender

Ohio Forms Legal and Business-West Print/ Online Westlaw

Ohio Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms-Online Westlaw

Ohio Transaction Guide (Forms) Print- Matthew Bender

Terez Civil Practice Forms-Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-West

Thomson Gale Legal Forms-Online


Current Issues Affecting Social Security Disability—06-135 Ohio Cle

Health Care Law-08-137 Ohio Cle

Health Care Law-10-137 Ohio Cle

Medicaid & Medicare-09-039 Ohio Cle

Medicaid Planning Update-06-039 Ohio Cle

Ohio Mental Health Law- Baldwin’s Ohio Handbook Series-West

Social Security and Disabilty +Internet-08-135 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Ohio Insurance Law Handbook (2009)-Lexis Nexis

Baldwin’s Ohio Insurance Coverage (2009)-West/ Online Westlaw

Insurance Counsel-Mediation-08-128 Ohio Cle

Insurance Law -06-010 Ohio Cle


Immigration Law-08-038 Ohio Cle

Immigration Law-10-038 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Ohio Juvenile Law Handbook (2009)-Lexis Nexis

Baldwin’s Juvenile Law (2009)-West/ Online Westlaw

Juvenile Law-08-12 Ohio Cle

Juvenile Law-09-12 Ohio Cle


Achieving Work-Life Balance-09-182-Ohio Cle

Advanced Microsoft Word 2007 for the Law Office and Document Assembly-08-206-207

A Lawyer’s Guide to the Internet-09-031

Big Brother: Watching or Helping-Technology-10-253 Ohio Cle

Building a Successful Law Practice-10-114 Ohio Cle

Building Your Law Business-10-194 Ohio Cle

Building Your Million Dollar Practice-09-114 Ohio Cle

Communicating Across Gender Gap-09-150 Ohio Cle

Critical Marketing Skills for Lawyers-09-142-Ohio Cle

Document Automation/ Intermediate Word-10-42/43 Ohio Cle

Essential Small Firm Legal Software-06-162 Ohio Cle

Ethical Considerations of Law Office Accounting and Practice Management-07-101 Ohio Cle

Excel 2007 for Lawyers and Power Point 2007 for Lawyers 08-076-077 Ohio Cle

Excel 2007 for Lawyers and Power Point 2007 for Lawyers 09-076-077 Ohio Cle

Exit Strategy: Selling and Other Strategies to Leave the Practice of Law-08-106

Facebook, My Space and Social Networking-09-248 Ohio Cle

Faith, Conscience and the Law-06-087 Ohio Cle

Financial Planning for Lawyers-10-170 Ohio Cle

General Practice Update-06-015 Ohio Cle

Get Organized and Get Things Done-08-191 Ohio Cle

Going Small or Solo-09-162 Ohio Cle

Help my inbox is exploding!-09-205 Ohio Cle

How to successfully and profitably practice law from womb to tomb and strategies for closing or selling a law practice- 05-114 Ohio Cle/123

How to Survive the Crash 09-Ohio Cle 236

Intermediate Word 2007 and Help! My Outlook Inbox is Exploding!-08-043/210 Ohio Cle

Law Office Management and the technology that can help-04-05 Ohio Cle

Law Office Technology A to Z-10-64 Ohio Cle

Law Office Technology on a Shoestring Budget-06-11 Ohio Cle

Legal Technology Conference-10-101 Ohio Cle

Making the Most of Your Law Degree-09-234/106

Mastering Change, Improving Productivity-09-52 Ohio Cle

Microsoft Excel for the Law Office and Microsoft Powerpoint for Legal Professionals-08-76/77

Microsoft Word Training for Lawyers-10-251/206

Microsoft Word Workshop for Lawyers-09-043

Paper Reduction Techniques, Adobe, PDFing and DMS Software for the Law Office-09-201 Ohio Cle

Privacy and Confidentiality-02-102 Ohio Cle

Psychology of Influence: Learning the art of persuasion-03-21-Ohio Cle

Records and Information Management –09-208 Ohio Cle

Records and Information Management –10-228 Ohio Cle

Retiring from a Law Practice-06-106

Scanning Document Management & Paper Reduction Techniques-09-11 Ohio Cle

Solo and Small Firm Technology Conference-06-101 Ohio Cle

The $5,000.00 Law Office-05-64 Ohio Cle

The Lawyer Leader: Applying critical leadership principles to your law practice-05-07 Ohio Cle


Baldwin’s Ohio Legislative Service Annotated -West

Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-General Index A-K and L-Z (2007)-West

Capital University Law Review Print/Online West Law

Case Western Reserve Law Review Print/Online West Law

Cleveland State University Law Review Print/Online West Law

Domestic Relations Journal of Ohio-West

Ohio Briefs Multibase-Online Westlaw

Ohio Journals and Law Reviews- Online Westlaw

Ohio Jurisprudence 3rd (OJUR)- West Print/Online West Law

Ohio Northern University Law Review Print/Online West Law

Ohio State Law Journal-Online Westlaw

Ohio Sunshine Laws Update (2008)-The Public Records Act/ Open Meetings Act

Shepard’s Ohio Citations-Lexis Nexis

The University of Toledo Law Review Print/Online West Law

University of Cincinnati Law Review Print/Online West Law

West’s Ohio Digest-West


Calculating Damages in Child Sexual Abuse Cases-03-92 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules Annotated-2009


Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-General Index A-K- and L-Z (2008) West

Dynamic Presentation Skills for Lawyers-09-046

Ohio Courts Summary

Ohio Jurisprudence 3rd (OJUR)-West Print/Online Westlaw

Point Made: How to Write-10-235 Ohio Cle

Sean Carter, Humorist at Law-08-180 Ohio Cle

Shepard’s Ohio Citations-Lexis Nexis

Representing the Military Client-08-198 Ohio Cle

The Lawyer as Lobbyist: Working with Ohio’s Government-05-47

The Michael Jackson Controversy-09-249 Ohio Cle


14th Annual Bradley J. Schaeffer Real Property Institute: Future trends in Real Estate

Practice-06-102 Ohio Cle

15th Annual Bradley J. Schaeffer Real Property Institute: Nuts and Bolts of Commercial Leases-07-102 Ohio Cle

1031 Real Estate Exchanges/Eminent Domain-09-26/27 Ohio Cle

Anderson’s Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual (2010)-Lexis Nexis

Baldwin’s Ohio Condominium Law (2009)-West

Baldwin’s Ohio Real Estate Law-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Baldwin’s Ohio Real Estate Law Annotated-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Commercial Real Estate-10-48 Ohio Cle

Commercial Real Estate in Today’s Market-08-193 Ohio Cle

Condominium Law-06-140 Ohio Cle

Drafting and Reviewing Real Estate Documents-06-131 Ohio Cle

Exploring Real Estate at Auction-10-140 Ohio Cle

Introduction to Real Estate Practice-09-131 Ohio Cle

Modern Mechanic’s Liens and Mortgage Foreclosures -07-172/173 Ohio Cle

Ohio Boundary Law-06-132

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law (2009-2010)-Print/Online Westlaw

Ohio Real Estate Law Handbook (2008-2009) Print-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Real Property Law and Practice 6th Ed. –Lexis Nexis

Real Estate 2010:New Directions-10-102 Ohio Cle

Real Estate Litigation-03-56 Ohio Cle

Residential Landlord Tenant Law/Commercial Landlord Tenant Law-08-119/120 Ohio Cle

Residential Real Estate Transactions-10-068 Ohio Cle

Titles to Real Estate of Ohio-08-19 Ohio Cle

Titles to Real Estate of Ohio-09-19 Ohio Cle

Titles to Real Estate of Ohio-10-19 Ohio Cle

Using Surveys in Real Estate Transactions-02-07 Ohio Cle


Anderson’s Ohio School Law Guide (2010)-Lexis Nexis

Baldwin’s Ohio School Law (2009-2010)-West-Print/Online Westlaw

School Law -10-129 Ohio Cle


Basic Tax Conference (2003)-03-01 Ohio Cle

Baldwin’s Ohio Tax Law & Rules (2009/2010)-West-Print/ Online Westlaw

Commercial Activity Tax Satellite-05-124 Ohio Cle

Fiduciary Income Tax Workshop-05-25 Ohio Cle

Ins and Outs of IRS Practice and Procedure 10-083 Ohio Cle

Ohio Tax Institute (2003)-03-52 Ohio Cle

Tax Return Preparation Form 1040-08-01 Ohio Cle

Tax Return Preparation Form 1040-09-01 Ohio Cle

Tax Return Preparation Form 1040-10-01 Ohio Cle

Taxes Affecting a Decedent’s Estate-09-32 Ohio Cle

Understanding the Form 990-09-242 Ohio Cle


Advanced Cross-Examination-08-113 Ohio Cle

Advanced Trial Techniques-08-177 Ohio Cle

Anderson’s Ohio Pretrial Litigation Manual -Lexis Nexis

Anderson’s Ohio Pretrial Litigation Practice Manual (2007)-Lexis Nexis

Asbestos and Silica Legislation Update-04-123 Ohio Cle

Dynamic Presentation Skills 10-46 Ohio Cle

E-Discovery Update: Changes in Ohio Rules of Civil Proceedure-08-006 Ohio Cle

Everything you need to know to use Ohio’s New Rules of E-Discovery-08-164 Ohio Cle

From Good to Great: Four Steps to Standout Legal Writing-07-040 Ohio Cle

Intelligent Investing for Attorneys-07-170

Litigation Basics-08-071 Ohio Cle

Litigation Section Conference-06-58 Ohio Cle

Making Your Case With a Better Memory-08-224 Ohio Cle

Not another E-Discovery-07-006 Ohio Cle

Ohio Civil Laws and Rules Handbook (2009-2010)-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Civil Procedure Litigation Manual (2009)-Lexis Nexis

Planning to win: The hunt for the winning story-05-72 Ohio Cle

S281 and SB 120: Medical Malpractice and apportioned liability update-03-02 Ohio Cle

Science of Persuasion 08-097-Ohio Cle

Secrets of the Great Brief writers-08-040

Seven Keys to Winning Performance in the Courtroom

Take a killer! Adverse Deposition-05-80

The Art of being a Trial Lawyer-05-400

The Basics of Injunctive Relief in Ohio-06-134 Ohio Cle

The Heart of the Case-04-73 Ohio Cle

The Lawyer Leader-05-07 Ohio Cle

The Secrets of Powerful Persuasion-05-97 Ohio Cle

Total Impact: Litigation with the Jury in mind-04-80 Ohio Cle

Trial Handbook for Ohio Lawyers (2009)-West-Print/Online Westlaw

Trials in the 21st Century, Effective Tools-03-065 Ohio Cle

Trying the Auto Accident Case beyond Fundamentals-01-02 Ohio Cle

View from the Bench-10-255 Ohio Cle

Weissenberger’s Ohio Civil Procedure Litigation Manual (2009)- Lexis Nexis

Writing to Win-10-40 Ohio Cle


Baldwin’s Local Government Law – Municipal + Township-West/ Print/Online

Baldwin’s Local Government Laws and Rules Annotated-West/Print/Online

Municipal Law for the non-specialist attorney-03-94 Ohio Cle

Ohio Sunshine Laws (2008)- The Public Records Act/ Open Meetings Act


19TH Annual Estate Planning Conference on Wealth Transfer-08-22 Ohio Cle

Anderson’s Ohio Elder Law Practice Manual (2009)

Asset Protection-03-47 Ohio CLE

Asset Protection Planning for the Legal Advisor (Onshore and Offshore Techniques to Protect Client Wealth)

Basics of Estate Administration-09-003 Ohio Cle

Charitable Planning-04-51 Ohio Cle

Designing the Trust-Ohio Cle

Drafting Wills and Trusts-06-034 Ohio Cle

Drafting Wills and Trusts-09-034 Ohio Cle

Drafting Wills and Trusts-10-034 Ohio Cle

Elder Law Handbook-10-200 Ohio Cle

Elder Law Institute 09-05 Ohio Cle

End of Life Decisions-05-116 Ohio Cle

Estate Planning Issues for the Non-Traditional Family-06-136 Ohio Cle

Estate Planning for Second Marriages-10-136 Ohio Cle

Fiduciary Income Tax Workshop-06-025 Ohio Cle

Guardianship Law-07-54 Ohio Cle

Health Care Law Basics-04-63 Ohio Cle

Joint Trusts in Separate Property Status: Just say “yes”...sometimes-Ohio Cle

Marvin R. Pliskin Advanced Probate-10-83 Ohio Cle

Merrick-Rippner Probate Law-Baldwin’s Ohio Practice-West- Print/ Online Westlaw

Merrick-Rippner Probate Laws & Rules Annotated (2009)- Print/Online Westlaw

Merrick-Rippner Probate Laws &Rules Annotated-The Ohio Trust Code Supplement (2006) West-Print/Online Westlaw

Nuts & Bolts of Wills and Trusts-10-70 Ohio Cle

Ohio Elder Law-08-005 Ohio Cle

Ohio Elder Law Institute Highlights-10-252 Ohio Cle

Ohio Probate Law Handbook(2009-2010) -Anderson’s-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Probate Practice and Procedure (2009-2010)-Ohio Legal Practice Series-Lexis Nexis

Ohio Probate/Second Edition by Rosemary D. Durkin-Lawyers Cooperative Publishing

Ohio Trust Code-07-157 Ohio Cle

Ohio Trust Code-08-157 Ohio Cle

Probate Law- Online Westlaw

Probate Litigation-10-141 Ohio Cle

Recent Developments in Probate Law (2004)-04-15 Ohio Cle

Special Needs Trust Handbook-07-300 Ohio Cle

The Marvin R. Pliskin Advanced Planning Seminar-06-107 Ohio Cle

The Simple Will in Ohio (2008-2009) Anderson’s-Lexis Nexis

Trust-Owned Life Insurance-08-213 Ohio Cle

Wealth Transfer-09-22 Ohio Cle


Baldwin’s Ohio Planning and Zoning Law (2009)-West-Print/Online Westlaw


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