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1.0               Case Management

1.1               Civil Pretrial/Scheduling Conference

                   Appendix to Rule 1.1

1.2               Filing of Discovery Documents

1.3               Pretrials in Criminal Cases

1.4               Criminal Case Try By List

2.0               Filing of Pleading, Motions, and Documents

                    Appendix To Rule 2.0

2.1               Leave to Plead

2.2               Pleading in Default

2.3               Notice of Motion and Briefs  

2.4               Assignment of Motions for hearing  

2.5               Withdrawal of Counsel

3.0               Security of Costs

4.0               Court Files

4.1               Transcripts filed with the Court

5.0               Judgment entries

6.0               Voluntary Dismissals                                                                                 

7.0               Attorneys not to be Sureties  

7.1               Conduct of Clients and Witnesses  

8.0               Jurors  


9.0               Documents to be filed with pleadings

9.1               Temporary Orders In Domestic Relations Cases

9.2               Parenting Classes

9.3               Mediation

9.4               Uniform Local Companionship Plan

9.41             Uniform Long Distance Companionship Schedule

9.42             Transitional Schedule for Companionship

9.5               Parenting Investigations and Psychological  Evaluations

9.55             Support Schedule/Medical Support Order

9.6               Guardian Ad Litem  

9.7               In Camera Interview of Children

9.8               Status Conference

9.9               Pretrials

9.10             General Domestic Relations Trial Practice Rules  

9.11             Judgment Entries/Decrees

9.12             Objections To Magistrate's Decision Or Order

                    Domestic Relations Appendix (Forms)  You must have the Adobe Reader to download and open these forms.  Click HERE to download the free Adobe Reader.

10               Notary Public

11               Deleted

12               Deleted

13               Filming and Recording of Trial

14               Arbitration

14.1            Compensation of Arbitration

14.2             Hearings: Powers Of Arbitrators 

14.3             Hearings: When and Where Held

14.4             Report and Award

14.5             Appeal of Award

14.6             Exceptions to Award

14.7             Binding Arbitration

14.8             Ex Parte Communications

15                Transcripts by Court Reporters

15.1             Exhibits and Reporters Notes

16                Inmate List

17                Weapons Search

17.1             Court Security

18                Court Appointments

19                Name and Citation