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US Supreme Court Issues Ruling Restraining Class Arbitration

Lamps Plus, Inc. v. Varela Ruling Supports Businesses & Restrains Class Arbitration Actions Filed by Workers & Consumers Lamps Plus, Inc. became the focus of the legal world after a case wherein a hacker attempted to deceive an employee to disclose tax information of roughly 1,300 company employees. Subsequently, a fraudulent federal income tax return […]

Legal Tips

Every Person Should be Aware of Many of Their Basic Legal Rights & Various Issues of Legality Nowadays people can travel easily all over the world and can also connect with individuals and organizations globally. The more activities you engage in, the more you need to become aware of your legal rights and various issues […]

The U.S. Justice Department Launches Enormous Nationwide Elder Fraud Sweep

U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr and U.S. Attorney Andrew Murray have recently announced the biggest organized sweep of elder fraud cases in history, which is even bigger than the nationwide sweep of 2018. This inclusive sweep involves over 260 defendants from around the globe who allegedly victimized over two million Americans, the majority of […]